Foundation Crack Repair

High Tech Waterproofing installs successful crack repair solutions on hundreds of foundations each year, helping our customers stop the seepage that causes damage to their homes. We use the industry's best waterproofing products to repair concrete foundation cracks. We have experienced installers, and we meet the industry's highest warranty standards. Our life time crack repair warranty is also transferable.

The estimating process is easy we can typically quote foundation cracks over the phone, which saves you time when life is already busy. Use our "Quick Quote Crack" system shown on this website. We offer solutions for both interior and exterior foundation crack repair, sealing around pipe penetrations through foundation walls, and seepage through the "cold joint" where your foundation wall meets the masonry wall above.

Many companies that come to see you will tell you, "you need drain tile", we will typically use that as a LAST RESORT. 80% of the time we can much lower cost solutions than tearing apart your basement in order to try to "catch" the water. Why not STOP the water from coming in- to begin with, this makes more sense to us, and our customers appreciate it when it comes time to pay.

Ask Clarissa from Elmhurst... who was quoted over $10,000 drain tile systems from two large Chicagoland waterproofing companies. High Tech found two areas where water was entering the basement: 1) through a crack in the rear foundation wall, and 2) from under the front stoop where water was flowing over the foundation wall.

The Solution: $325 for the crack repair, and $525 for a new concrete sidewalk section to re-slope water away from the stoop. Total cost was $850, she finished her basement, and gets no more water.

Listed are the steps we take to be sure its done right the first time.

1 Setting up the foundation crack for the injection process

First, we carefully prepare the area around the crack for proper bonding of our two-part epoxy repair paste, which will be used to seal in the hydrophilic injection material.

Plastic injector ports, used to inject the polyurethane, are strategically pasted along the prepared crack. Once ports are set, we encapsulate the port and crack with epoxy paste, making sure there are no voids on either side of the crack.

After a short time, the paste will harden, and we will be ready to install the low pressure injection material.

2 Injecting the crack

We start by injecting the foam resin into the lowest port, filling the crack until we see the resin flowing from the next higher port.

This is how we know the void in the wall in completely filled. We refer to the process as “Over-fill”, because we do not stop injecting until we see the material coming out the next adjacent port.

We repeat the step above, moving methodically up the foundation crack, filling each port from the bottom up.

3 Final steps

After the crack is fully injected with resin, we do a final inspection of our work.

We clean up our mess, and we are ready to leave.

foundation crack repair-before
Typical Foundation Crack
foundation crack repair-after
Install Foam Injection and Plastic Ports
foundation crack repair-during
Repaired Crack


With experience repairing hundreds and hundreds of foundation cracks, you can be sure we will stand behind our lifetime, transferrable guarantee!

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Guaranteed Comes with Lifetime Warranty paperwork

foundation crack repair-before
Crack - before
foundation crack repair-after
Repair - after


All of this Rain Causing Seepage?

High Tech Waterproofing will stop the seepage in your basement or crawlspace.

Send us a photo of your foundation crack to and we will guarantee a quote!

No waiting at home all day for an appointment to get a price you're not happy with. If you like our price, we schedule tech to come out and repair. THAT SIMPLE!



Our Customers Talk

We have a long list of satisfied customers that have this system installed, so don't forget to ask us for customer referrals, who would be happy to tell you about our service.

Your team did a fantastic job. My wife and I could not be more pleased with the results.
Please pass along my thanks to all the guys on your crew. Working with High Tech was a great experience from beginning to end.
Anthony from Deerfield, IL

Your technician was terrific. He was prompt, helpful and went above and beyond in regards to service and professionalism.
Suzanne from Elk Grove Village

Now you have a repaired foundation crack that we can guarantee for life!

We offer free estimates over the phone. Attach a photo of your foundation crack to your email and address it to:

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